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Motion X2

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Motion X2 is designed and built specifically for the Shark Slider S1. It offers automotive control on two axis of camera movement: pan and tilt, either preset or in real time via the motion controller provided. Perfect for time-lapse and set camera movement such as interviews.  (With the option of adding the S1A1 module making it our full three axis package - the S1A3)

What you get:

Downloadable and updatable X2 firmware

Tech Specs:

Rotation speed: 0-40°/s
Location accuracy: 0.0025°
Motor Power: 8-32W
Speed regulation: Stepless speed / step speed
Operating voltage: 14.8~24V
Radio frequency: 2.4GHz
Induction distance: 20m
Optimum Load: 4KG
Maximum Load: 8KG
Weight: 2.5KG

Product features:



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